SCDH Board Members 

“Temperance Reel”
Traditional Tune
Silver Jubilee -  Lilies of the West
(Marcia Bruno, Karen Harvey (HD), Patty McCollom, Barbara Whitney, Jill Worley)
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Meet Our All-Volunteer SCDH Board Members


Bobbi Adler (President)
Bobbi entered the Fretted Dulcimer world in 2000. She has been President of Southern California Dulcimer Heritage since 2006. She composes for the instrument, and works with children who are learning to play and perform. She has taught and performed at the Midland (Michigan) Dulcimer Festival, and teaches locally. She is a student of SCDH Past President Cyntia Smith. The Owner/Director of Mobile Music Therapy Services of Orange County, Bobbi is a Board Certified Music Therapist, specializing in intellectual disabilities, gerontology, psychology, and subacute care. She has a background in opera, plays guitar, owns a large variety of instruments, and loves every one of them, particularly her three fretted dulcimers and five guitars.
Barbara Gershman (Vice President)
Barbara first heard the Hammered Dulcimer on a recording in a Yosemite gift shop and then found Patti Amelotte, one of the few southland HD teachers. Learning to play the dulcimer not only provided balance to a career in community college teaching (Nutrition & Family Consumer Sciences) but has also led to many friendships and musical opportunities. She recently founded ‘ON A LARK’ Celtic trio, succeeding ‘Dulcimania’ to perform bimonthly at Alta Coffee in Newport Beach. She also plays accordion, her vertical piano. She and Patti Amelotte perform as the duo ‘Better Than One’ for Chapman University's annual Wassail. She also plays with the duo/ensemble, ‘Legacy’ and ‘shepherds’ various dulcimer groups in Southern California. Barbara believes that the hammered dulcimer is ‘Music for the Soul’ and that SCDH helps keep traditional music alive.
Lori Knight (Secretary)
Lori K began to play the Fretted Dulcimer in 2002 under the tutelage of Cyntia Smith. Lori has enjoyed attending the Harvest Festival of Dulcimers, the Western Carolina University Mountain Dulcimer Week and Kentucky Music Week festivals. For many years, she has taught elementary school children how to play the fretted dulcimer in an after-school program in Norwalk, CA. This has included teaching ensemble playing with music from a variety of genres and using strumming, flat-picking, and finger-picking styles. She was the main director of the Golden Strings Fretted Dulcimer Group, which performed at several SCDH festival concerts.
Lori Young (Treasurer)
Lori Y has always enjoyed music and has dabbled with the piano and guitar. She was so impressed by the Hammered Dulcimer at the Harvest Festival of Dulcimers in Dana Point that she began to take lessons. She is thrilled to settle on 'her instrument’ and participates in several hammered dulcimer jam/ practice groups in So Cal. Lori works as a school nurse for a high school district in Orange County. She enjoys kayaking, hiking and camping and traveling to dulcimer and music festivals. She also volunteers as a pet foster parent to foster kittens and puppies for an animal shelter.
Jim Romano (Member at Large)
Jim is a founding member of SCDH. He is also a member of a local Celtic/ Old Time band, “When Pigs Fly! His primary instrument is acoustic guitar, but he also plays Fretted Dulcimer, ukulele, bodhran (Irish frame drum) and assorted percussive instruments. Jim is a ‘born again’ musician, having played the guitar during high school, losing interest and then regaining interest in music when his wife, Bea, began learning the Hammered Dulcimer. Jim has met many, many wonderful people through his involvement with SCDH and other musical groups and promotes the dulcimer as much as possible.
Kathryn LaMar (Member at Large)
Kathryn has been learning instruments, singing, and playing music for fun and to make life interesting for her entire life. She began learning the Fretted Dulcimer in 1988, and now it is her primary instrument because of its intuitive simplicity. Over the years, she has given dulcimer and ensemble-playing workshops at the San Francisco Folk Music Club's Camp Harmony and San Francisco Free Folk Festival. She produced and edited SCDH's print newsletter for several years. Kathryn ran the loaner booth at Northern California's Redwood Dulcimer Day for many years. Since retiring from her career as a scientific/medical writer/editor, she has been studying developmental community music, facilitating drum circles, and teaching dulcimer, ukulele, and other stringed instruments to special populations.

Key Committee Chairs


Leo Kretzner (Publicity)
Leo is master of the Mountain Dulcimer and has performed and taught for over 25 years at folk festivals and coffee houses. He plays everything from Celtic jigs and reels to blues and rock, as well as more traditional Appalachian styles of music. His motto: tradition meets innovation! He is also known for his user-friendly yet highly informative teaching style and rounds out his concert performances with vocals and guitar playing. Leo plays with Old Grey Cats, traditional music string band. He is a key member of the SCDH festival publicity team and reaches out to players throughout California and the Western states. Leo is a strong believer in exploring all kinds of musical groupings.

Terry Gucwa (Dulcimer Events E-mail Calendar)
Terry is known for bringing a touch of class to any musical venture as he fuses his Cello with just about any type of music. He has taken up the Fretted Dulcimer recently and also the tenor banjo. Terry has gained quite a reputation as an arranger as part of his contribution to many ensembles: When Pigs Fly!, On a Lark (Celtic Trio), Madison Avenue International Dance Band, and more. Terry is the author of “Easy and Eas-ified Jam Tunes and Songs.” He has been a long-time supporter of The Living Tradition (TLT) and SCDH. He now publishes the SCDH Dulcimer Events Monthly E-mail Calendar.