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Summer and More 2023!


Combo of Activities – Zoom/ In-person

• Hammered Dulcimer: Karen Harvey workshop on Zoom, 2 Celtic Tunes,10/7

• Hammered Dulcimer Day: Patti Amelotte & Brenda Hunter, Zoom workshops, 2 levels, Parade of the Tin Soldiers,10/14

• Hammered Dulcimer: Karen Ashbrook – 4 hour Focus Workshop on Zoom from Maryland, Music from the Heart, from her Celtic Shores album, 10/28

• Mountain Dulcimer Day on Zoom: Bill Dempsey, Leo Kretzner, Joellen Lapidus, Grant Olson, Kevin Roth, Pam Setser, Holly Tannen, Nina Zanetti. 8 Performer/Teachers – each on the same Zoom link, sharing their unique musical styles. Playing songs, teaching, or a combination. 10/21

• Bodhran (frame drum): Patty McCollom workshop on Zoom from Fullerton, 10/22

• Tinwhistle: Patty McCollom workshop on Zoom from Fullerton, 10/22

• Ukulele: Jim Romano – ‘Round Robin’ - in-person, Downey, 10/5 & 10/19

• Pilates Chair for Musicians: Jessie Mayes, HB Pilates workshop on Zoom from Colorado, 10/13

• Chair Yoga for Musicians: Kathy Martelli workshop on Zoom from LA, 10/22

• Shipley Nature Center - Huntington Beach, All Acoustic Instruments, 8/26

• Oak Glen Old School Music Day – Oak Glen/Yucaipa, All Acoustic Instruments, 10/1

• Claremont, Shelton Park – Mountain Dulcimer & All Acoustic Instruments, 10/7

• Pomona – Hammered Dulcimer & All Acoustic Instruments, after concert, 10/15

• Downey – Downey Folk Music Jam, All Acoustic Instruments, 10/25

• Rolling Hills Estates – Hammered Dulcimer, linked to Karen Ashbrook’s Workshop as Follow-up & Jam, 10/29

• FLUTTER BY MUSIC (Patti Amelotte & Brenda Hunter), Hammered Dulcimer & multi-instruments, sponsored by SCDH & the Kingsley Sessions, LIVE in  Pomona, followed by hammered dulcimer & all-instrument jam, 10/15

• KA/PO (Karen Ashbrook & Paul  Oorts), Hammered Dulcimer and Multi-instruments on Zoom from Maryland. A short online jam at the end of the concert. Some free sheet music provided. 10/28


• Georgiana Hennessy, our website guru, for the remarkable and time-consuming job of updating the website!
• Alice Hall and Rachel Williamson, for designing ads and flyers.
• Active and Contributing members of the Planning Committee for ‘A Month of Music’: Bobbi Adler, Teresa Alvarado, Patti Amelotte, Kay Deeney, Joellen Lapidus,Tricia Paulsen, Laurie Traylor, Rachel Wiliamson, Lori Young!
• Terry Gucwa, for sending out the E-Letter!
• Michelle Wallace, Sponsorship chair – for sending out renewal letters!
• Thanks to all our Sponsors/ Supporters/ Members who have sent in their annual renewals that keep our non-profit/ all volunteer organization going!!!!!!!

Please save the dates for activities that interest you and keep track of our progress in setting up the Registration and Payment systems on the website. The IN-PERSON events were planned especially for the local SCDH community. We’re offering ONLINE / ZOOM options to players anywhere.

Best wishes,
Barbara Gershman, SCDH Co-President with Bobbi Adler
Festival Director & E-Letter editor

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