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President's Message

Hello, Dulcimer Friends
Happy Thanksgiving. In today’s world, searching for what to be thankful for is not always easy. As you make your personal list, so do I. Among my top items are family, friends such as yourselves, and of course music. During this long sheltering in place, we have had technology to relieve the isolation and remain connected. We have been forced into creativity, and that in itself is healthy. Guard your emotional health, wear a mask, remain physically distant, follow those CDC hygiene guidelines, and stay positive. If those we love cannot be physically at our tables, they can still be very much present in our hearts.

Your Board held its 2020 Festival wrap-up meeting Nov 7. The many details of how and why our first online festival was so successful were put in clear perspective in Festival Coordinator Barbara Gershman’s recap report. The overwhelming importance of protecting all of us from COVID-19, and essential financial considerations, are leaning towards a 2nd virtual Festival in Fall 2021. We are now in very good financial health.

A new entry in our SCDH Calendar is www.sendinthemusic.com - based in Florida, offering an excellent free weekly jam Saturdays, 11am–1pm PST. The primary focus is on FD. Music is shared on the screen. Dave Hass and Neal Hellman have both been “mystery guests” for all to enjoy. Over 80 players attend. Song leaders are welcome! Please contact me at ArnMiraAdler@sbcglobal.net  for more details. Log on and enjoy!!
Keep playing. Take care.

Bobbi Adler, SCDH President

Video/Sound Sample
Tina Bergmann

'Apollo’s Fire
At Work on the Land from Sacrum Mysterium:
Celtic Christmas Vespers, Pt. 7/9'

At Work on the Land/ Tatter Jack Walsh
Traditional irish, arr. Tina Bergmann and Jem Moore

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