Dulcimer Rescue

DULCIMER "RESCUE" in Southern California
Let's Keep Those Treasured Dulcimers in Circulation!!

Art Work Fom: Museum of
Modem Musical Instruments, Athens, Greece

Sample Tune
“Arran Boat Song”
Performed by Sandi Huckaby & Diane Grady
From their CD
"Senara - Plaisir d’Amour"

Get your unused dulcimers back into circulation!
Sell them through DULCIMER RESCUE
Donate them to SCDH for resale & payments to SCDH
(Donation letter will be provided for your tax records) 

Many Dulcimers have been rescued!

Southern California Dulcimer Heritage

 Email: dulcimer@scdh.org
 SCDH is a registered non-profit organization under Federal Law 501(c) (3)