Southern California

As a free community service SCDH is providing alphabetical listings of S. California Dulcimer Performers, Bands and Ensembles Containing Dulcimer Players who wish to be included. SCDH is not responsible for the accuracy of this list or for any performances.

Solo Performers

Patti Amelotte
Hammered Dulcimer, Piano, Multi-instrumental
Barbara Gershman
Hammered Dulcimer
Huntington Beach
Brenda Hunter
Hammered Dulcimer
Zachary Konick
Hammered Dulcimer
Capable of reading standard musical notation
Can compose a new work for you as well for separate fee
Contact to discuss gig details and compensation
San Diego
(410) 980-2313
Leo Kretzner
Fretted Dulcimer; Vocals, Guitar
Lytle Creek
Bea Romano
Hammered Dulcimer; Programs on the History of the HD
Phee Sherline
Hammered Dulcimer


Banshee in the Kitchen
Hammered Dulcimer, Fiddle - Brenda Hunter
Guitar - Katharine Edmonson
Accordion, Flute- Jill Egland
Contact Person - Brenda Hunter
Better Than One
Hammered Dulcimer -
Patti Amelotte & Barbara Gershman
Celtic, Holiday & Renaissance Duets
Contact Person - Patti Amelotte
Carilyn Vice and Nicki Birkett
Fretted Dulcimer- Carilyn Vice,
Nicki Birkett (+Autoharp, Guitar)
Contact Person - Carilyn Vice
Fallbrook and Oceanside
(760) 728-8019
Hammered Dulcimer - Barbara Gershman (& accordion)
Hammered Dulcimer - Norm Jacobson,
Brad Moore - Fiddle, Baritone Violin, Octave Mandolin,
Tenor Banjo (trio - “Mostly Celtic music...”)
Contact Persons - Norm Jacobson / Barbara Gershman
Orange County
(714) 963-4665
Kattywompus String Band
Hammered & Fretted Dulcimer - Jennifer Ranger
(+Vocals, Autoharp, Zills, Rhythm Bones, Percussion)
(+ Banjo, Harmonica, Rhythm Spoons, Vocals)
Fiddle, Mandolin - Tula Lee
Guitar, Bass, Doumbek - Scott Ranger
Guitar, Mandolin - Marlene Fitzpatrick
Guitar, Bass - Max Lee
Contact Person - Jennifer Ranger
Toll free (877) 365-5744
R.I.P. Jim Merriam
Legacy - Duo
Hammered Dulcimer & accordion - Barbara Gershman
Fiddle, Banjo, Whistle, Vocals- Patty McCollom
Contact Person - Patty McCollom
(714) 267-4567
Legacy - Ensemble
Hammered Dulcimer & accordion - Barbara Gershman
Fiddle, Banjo, Whistle, Vocals- Patty McCollom
Bass- Evan Anderson
Step dancer or Clogger
Contact Person - Patty McCollom
(714) 267-4567
Les Amis
Hammered Dulcimer - Carol Burrill
Accordion - Mark Burrill
Fiddle- Daniel Slosberg
Harmonica- Ned Boyer
Guitar - Jim Scheel
Contact Person - Carol Burrill
(626) 305-0990
Lilies of the West
Hammered Dulcimer - Karen Harvey
Banjo- Patty McCollom; Fiddle- Barbara Whitney;
Guitar- Jill Worley;
Bass- Marcia Bruno; Vocals
Contact Person - Jill Worley
(714) 635-5834
Looney’s Fortune
Hammered Dulcimer - Patti Amelotte
Fiddle- Georgiana Hennessy
Guitar- Matt Tonge
Traditional Irish music
Contact Person - Patti Amelotte
Many Strings
Hammered Dulcimer - Jamie Burns
Guitars - Chris Burns
Celtic, American Roots, Renaissance, Popular classical themes,
Holiday/seasonal music, history through music shows
Contact Person - Chris Burns
San Diego
(619) 339-5171
On A Lark
Terry Guzwa - Cello
Barbara Gershman - Hammered Dulcimer, Accordion
Jill Cassidy - Irish Tinwhistle
Celtic, Medieval, Renaissance, English Country Dance,
Light Classical Music
Contact Person - Barbara Gershman
Orange County
(714) 963-4665
Hammered Dulcimer - Sandi Huckaby, Diane Grady
Celtic Harp - Carol Potter
Contact Person - Sandi Huckaby
Big Bear to Arrowhead, Mtn. Communities & More
(909) 867-7105
The Short and Curly Show
Hammered Dulcimer - Patti Amelotte
Renaissance Arts Themed Comedy-Christopher Yates
Contact Person - Patti Amelotte
When Pigs Fly! Americana and Celtic Music
Hammered Dulcimer - Bea Romano, Marianne Scanlon
Fretted Dulcimer- Jim Romano (+Percussion,Guitar),
Marianne Scanlon (+Guitar, Washboard)
Fiddle, Mandolin, Guitar,Bodhran- Jim Cope
Contact Person - Bea Romano
Willow Bend Band
Hammered Dulcimer - Bea Romano
Fretted Dulcimer, Guitar - Jim Romano
Flute - Stephen Thomas
Contact Person - Bea Romano